1 oz Nerdy Dad Southwest Chili

Ingredients: Dry Chili Peppers, Salt, Spices, Garlic, Sugar, Paprika


Spice up your day with Southwest chili. Made with real coarse ground dry chili peppers. We remove the seeds and hot membrane so the most flavorful peppers are accessible to every one. Enjoy this in the classic chili that has so much variation or get creative. Chili roasted sweet potatoes or a squash and Lima bean succotash compliment the flavors of this dish.

Great in chili, on burgers/veggie burgers, eggs, steaks, baked beans and salads


Do: classic American foods such as burgers, chili and macaroni and cheese, native American style dishes.

Sometimes: Asian cuisine, Middle Eastern/African,

Do not: French, Russian, Italian food

Heat level: 4

Southwest Chili

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