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1 oz Nerdy Dad Seasoned Salt

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Spices, Garlic, Paprika


I originally called this chef salt because seasonings like this are a common short cut in commercial kitchens. Salt, pepper, and spices are blended together and set near the line cook to use. This gives restaurants a flavor that ties the components of the many dishes together. Now you can have the same versatile blend in your kitchen with Nerdy Dad Seasoned Salt.

Made using Mediterranean Sea Salt and spices, this is a gentle seasoning to take the bland away. Not all seasoned salts are the same. Mine uses only Mediterranean sea salt which is lower in sodium than standard salt-- a win! Replace table salt with this for a depth of flavor across your staple foods. 

  • rub meats
  • season salads
  • season side dishes or entrees
  • pinch of flavorful garnish to whole platters
  • much much more!

Do: season your foods, especially right before serving.

Do Not: Use instead of salt in baking

Heat (1-10): 1

Seasoned (sea) Salt

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