6 oz / 1lb (16 oz)


Indian inspired curry. It starts by adding a blending whole spices into a balanced Masala spice mix. Than slow extracted in heated oil. Then cooking aromatic vegetables for flavor and texture and finishing it off with raw herbs. This is the Nerdy Dad's Masala Curry. For anything but bland. This product brings aggressive flavor. Straight out of the jar it will have some heat when cooked into a food it will be mild. Don't forget some bread or rice to soak broth.


Use this to flavor proteins and vegetables. Dilute with up to two jars of water as needed.

For example, simmer whole hard boiled eggs, simmer beans, finish sauteed vegetables, marinade grilled meats, or even dress steamed winter squash with some.


Heat (1-10): on its own 4, simmered with other food 2

Masala Curry

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