1 oz. Nerdy Dad Magic Umami mushroom

Ingredients: Dry Mushrooms, Nutritional Yeast, Salt, Sugar, Spices


Dried shiitake and elegant porcini mushrooms pack an umami punch that will elevate any dish in your kitchen. Call this one a flavor enhancer that keep the family coming back for more. Whether you want to elevate your grilled cheese or tomato soups, you won't be able to resist the flavor bomb from this magic spice blend.

It's also an instant soup blend! Add a tsp to a cup of hot water and you've got a mushroom stock to rival your favorite restaurant ramen.


General use guidelines:

Umami is the full flavor you get when eating a rich meaty broth. Use this to increase the umami in you savory foods. Some examples are broths/soups, pastas, fish, poultry dishes, foods with mushrooms (for bigger mushroom flavor), quick cooked vegetables and even mashed potatoes.

Where this doesn't go: sweets or desserts, Directly on salads

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Heat (0-10): 0

Magic Umami Mushroom Spice Blend

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