1 oz. of Hot Italian Sausage Seasoning

Ingredients: Salt, Spices (including parsley, red chili pepper, fennel seeds), Sugar, Garlic


No one with kids running actually makes their own sausage and store-bought links are often nitrate-filled and super processed. But they do taste good.

Whether your dish incorporates ground beef, turkey, or even tofu, a sprinkle of this will add everything you love about sausage and nothing you don't. 

This spice blend highlights everything I love about South Philadelphia Italian culture, with flecks of parsley, red chili peppers, fennel, and garlic. Warning - this spice blend carries some heat. My kids still love it. 

Hot Italian Tofu
Puree onion, water, oil, hot Italian sausage seasoning, and sugar. Marinade overnight and roast in a single layer until the tofu becomes crusty.

Do: make your own loose sausage, season cooked vegetables, crust burgers, and meats, add to yogurt or sour cream to make a fresh and easy dip

Sometimes: use it everywhere black pepper is used

Don't: use in birthday cake

Heat (0-10): 7

Hot Italian Sausage Seasoning

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