Holiday Bundle

2 mirpoix, 1 onion, 2 dry brine, 1 sweet Morrocan, 1 garam masala, 1 season sea salt, garlic confit, hot cocoa


Make your holiday cooking easy with the Nerdy Dad’s dinner party shortcuts. From stuffing to gravy to sweet potato pie, let the meal prep be the east important focus of the day.


Nd Thanksgiving Menu (recipes emailed upon purchase)

  • Perfectly brined turkey
  • Gravy
  • Caramelized onion butter green bean casserole
  • Not your grandmother’s stuffing
  • Sweet Potato Casserole
  • Dinner rolls with garlic confit
  • Pumpkin Pie (with garam masala)
  • Hot cocoa

A juicy turkey is made simple with Nd Dry Brine. Brew a strong cup of this (like tea) and submerge your bird in it overnight (or up to 3 days) before roasting. Don’t rinse it off, rather pat dry and bake to delicious goodness.


Grow up your Green bean casserole with caramelized onion butter instead of that processed can of soup. Mix your onion butter directly into your roasting pan and let those green beans bake (but not too long!). Top with fried onions and the bacon of your choice for some extra flavor.


Mirepoix is a perfect instant-stuffing mix. Add one jar of this to a bag of stuffing mix, eggs, and chicken stock and bake for everyone’s addictive carby-side dish. You can also whisk a jar right into your gravy for some extra umami punch. 


Sweet Potato casserole is a delightful classic made sophisticated with the addition of the warm spices in my mom’s Sweet Morrocan spice blend. Want it with marshmallows? Go for it. If not, top this with some ground pecans, brown sugar, and almond flour. 


Nd’s got the perfect dinner roll recipe for you - and the topping you wont know how you lived without. Confit-ing garlic brings out the essence of the allium in all the best ways, with none of the sharpness. Enjoy this on rolls, turkey, stuffing, or on your leftover turkey sandwich the next day (you know you’ll have one!).


Pumpkin pie is a classic holiday dessert, and while pumpkin pie spice gets all the credit, the warm subtlety of garam masala will one-up your dessert in a way that you’ll take the credit instead. Serving this with hot cocoa mix will just make you the winner of all things holiday.

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