1 oz. of Dried Ginger and Chive Seasoning

Ingredients: Salt, Crystalized Ginger (Ginger, Cane Sugar), Sugar, Spices (including dry ginger), Garlic, Onion and chives, arrowroot starch


Two types of ginger, dry and crystallized, and packs some ginger heat. A little of this magic stuff goes a long way -- sprinkle into savory dishes for big ginger impact and gentle onion-chive aroma. Love the taste of ginger? Use it as a topping on rice or in a salad dressing.

Sweet Ginger salad dressing
2 tsp Nerdy Dad Ginger and Chive Blend, 2 tbs Sugar, 1 Tbs vinegar, 1 tsp dry or prepared mustard, 1/2 cup oil. Combine and shake, Add additional salt if desired.

Do: Season vegetables, Enhance broths, with rice or potatoes,

Don't: Use too much, it can easily overpower other flavors

Heat level(0-10): 7

Ginger and Chive Seasoning

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