.75 oz of Cocoa Cardamom Rub


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This go-to grilling rub will make you a believer that CHOCOLATE is a gift ALWAYS, even on MEATS. Hear me out. In the process of making chocolate, cocoa beans are roasted, making them the perfect spice to flavor your grilled meats. When combined with warm cardamom, an off-the-beaten-path spice not common in American food, this innovative combination is superb. Think of this as a dry molé rub where the dark chocolate flavor builds on base aromatics and the char from the grill brings it all back together.

Do use: grilled meats and poultry

Sometimes: Simmered dishes, sweets

Do not use in carbohydrates such as pasta and potatoes


Heat level (0-10): 1

Cocoa Cardamom Rub

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