1 oz Nerdy Dad Cracked Black Pepper, without the arm cramps.

Ingredients: Black Pepper


Ever go to a restaurant where they have a separate waiter come to your table to offer you freshly cracked pepper? Don't want to hire a waiter for your own kitchen to offer you freshly cracked pepper? We took the work out of work-out. Stop cramping your arms with your pepper mill and take advantage of the Nerdy Dad's butcher's coarse black pepper.

Butcher style crusted meats or fish have never been so easy. Simply open the envelop, sprinkle and rub so that it adheres.

Your pepper mill will thank you because it will never have to come out of retirement again.

Coarse pepper has a longer lasting, less hot but less intense flavor than finely ground black pepper. You can be more heavy handed with this than your standard fine mill and not burn out your people's tastebuds.


Do: Crust your steak

Sometimes: use it everywhere black pepper is used

Don't: use in birthday cake

Heat (0-10): 4

Butcher's Coarse Black Pepper

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