1 oz Nerdy Dad Cracked Black Pepper, without the arm cramps.

Ingredients: Black Pepper


Ever go to a restaurant where they have a separate waiter come to your table to offer you freshly cracked pepper? Don't want to hire a waiter to come to your house? The Nerdy Dad grinds high-quality whole peppercorns to get you the perfect, coarse texture for crusting meats and fish. Most at-home peppermills produce a much finer finished product, which can be fine, but coarse pepper has a more subtle flavor that actually lasts longer on your pallet. You can be more heavy-handed with this than your standard fine mill and not burn out your people's tastebuds.

Do: Crust your steak and use in dressings

Sometimes: use it everywhere black pepper is used

Don't: use in birthday cake

Heat (0-10): 4

Butcher's Coarse Black Pepper

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