How are Nerdy Dad products shipped?

  • Products are primarily shipped via UPS. Cold storage items such as sauces and condiments are stored in an insulated cooler with ice packs. Spice blends will be shipped along side them.
  • An order containing only spice blends will be shipped via USPS.
  • No handling fees are added to the shipping charges. UPS charges are dynamic and are based on product weights and dimensions.

How long do frozen products last?

  • Defrost your frozen products within 4 months for the best taste and quality. However, they will be fine to store in the freezer for up to one year.

How do I use the frozen products?

  • Thaw them out for 1-2 hours at room temperature or by submerging for 1/2 hour in warm water.
  • Products are ready to eat or to use as an ingredient in your next dish.

Once defrosted, how long do they last in the fridge?

  • Once your products are thawed out, they should stay for 10 days in your refrigerator.

What happens if you receive the product(s) thawed?

  • Enjoy them immediately or freeze for later use. The quality will not suffer.

Are your products Kosher Certified?

  • All Nerdy Dad Products are kosher parve
  • Certified under Keystone K.

What allergens are your products exposed to?

  • 3 allergens are used by the Nerdy Dad. Coconut, mustard and sesame.
  • Coconut is considered a tree nut but is the only nut present.
  • No other allergens are used in production of Nerdy dad products!