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1 oz of Nerdy Dad Instant Italian

Ingredients: Salt, Spices, Garlic


Make your own Italian vinaigrette, tomato sauce, pizza seasoning, fish seasoning and so much more. This a blend of finely ground spices, herbs, and salt that will change the way you make Italian style food. The fine ground makes it stir straight into a canned tomato product for the ultimate tomato sauce shortcut, mix into a salad dressing easily, and flavors meats. Easier, faster, and more flavorful - you wont go back to old short cuts. Nerdy Dad Instant Italian will save you time and money!

All purpose Tomato gravy (pasta sauce, pizza sauce, meatball gravy)
1 can tomato product of choice. Mix in 1-2 tsp of instant Italian and a heavy drop of olive oil.

Canned tomato product schmooze coming soon (summary: I like crushed tomatoes without seasonings)

Italian dressing (makes 1 cup of dressing)
2 (1/4 cup) ounces vinegar, 2 tsp Nerdy dad Instant Italian, 1-2 tsp dry or prepared mustard, 6 ounces (1/2-3/4 cup) Olive oil. Combine in a bottle and shake. Use anything with a secure lid such as a glass jars or plastic bottles.

For a creamy dressing substitute mayonnaise for most of the olive oil. Get creative with the mustard and vinegar for amazing flavors.

Do: Use for seasoned Italian herb flavor, easy to distribute, fast salad dressing from scratch

Do Not:

Heat (1-10): 1

Instant Italian

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