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0.5 oz of Nerdy Dad Garam Masala

Ingredients: Spices


Masala is a spice blend designed to be a versatile base for many Middle Eastern dishes. This particular blend is made of spices blended whole and ground together, and is salt-free, oily, and aromatic. Traditionally, masala is primed by heating these spices in oil, which extracts them into the perfect mix. Using this classic hot oil spice extraction allows you to bring these flavors to their full potential.

Classic hot oil spice extraction
Heat neutral oil in a sauce pan and add desired amount of garam masala to that oil and stir with a spoon. Continue the extraction 3-10 minutes using medium heat yet do not allow for over heating. Add the oil directly into what ever you are preparing or keep cooking the rest of your foods in it.

Red Lentil Dahl
Fresh cooked red lentils while still hot. Extract Nerdy Dad Garam Masala using a hot oil spice extraction and sautee fresh garlic (or sprinkle in dry). Stir flavored oil into the lentils. Thin slightly with warm water or oil until desired texture is reached. It will thicken as it cools.

Grilled cheese with masala

Add garam masala and fresh vegetables to your toasted cheese sandwich. The result will be a close replica of a favorite international street food.


Do: make your own Indian cuisine. Use for HUGE flavor.

Do not: Forget to add seasoning. This is a salt free spice blend. Easily over powers sublte flavors.

Heat (1-10): 3

Garam Masala

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